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Nukkad Natak

In the joint venture of the Rotary Club and the Innerwheel Society an awareness programme was held. The main idea behind the programme cleanliness and give life to the Kalyani River and save and protect ourselves from Corona. The students of the Confluence World School displayed a street show on the topic, "How to protect ourselves from Corona", which the audience applauded a lot. The programme committee appreciated the efforts of the students and wished them a bright future.


Confluence World School hosted Parents Teacher Meet cum Athlos 2021 - Sports Day on January 23, 2021, Saturday on the sports ground for Grade VI to IX and XI.

"The first step towards winning is the opportunity to perform "

Sports Day

Grabbing this opportunity Confliers participated with energy and enthusiasm in track & field events today in category A (gr.VI & VII) & category B (gr. VIII to IX & XI). There were 100 m sprints for parents as well , watching them participate with great zeal was a pleasure to behold.

Mayank Kumar & Unsa Fatima, Gurleen Kaur were the Best Athlete 2021 in category A. Kunal Goswami, Piyush Singh and Disha Ghai were the Best Athlete 2021 in category B.

We extend a heartfelt gratitude as the parents and Confliers made this event a grand success by their benign presence and cooperation.