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To mould young lives to become confident, aware, compassionate and knowledgeable global citizens with a pride in one’s heritage and to develop in them an attitude to learn, adapt and excel through their lives.

To enrich each student with a value based diverse education in a vibrant, secure and encouraging environment and to imbibe in them broadmindedness, self- discipline, progressive attitude, pride in one’s culture, love for learning and excellence all round. The school seeks to collaborate with the parents, organizations, research partners and the community at large to truly assist the students in developing key life skills to become confident, independent, caring, courageous and responsible global citizens of the future so that they in turn may transform the world of tomorrow.


One should understand their own individuality and learn to appreciate their own belief, aspirations strengths, limitations and ambitions.


One should respect their own self and take care of their body, mind and soul. Personal hygiene and overall well- being is valued. One should respect the beliefs, cultures and ideologies of others around them and accept the differences while appreciating their own traditions and values. One should respect the property at home, at school and in other places which are visited and ensure that surroundings are kept clean and no willful damage is done. One should respect elders whether parents, teachers or other members of the society and treat them with honor.


One should be honest, truthful and trustworthy. One should stand up for what is right and true.


One should understand the limitations of people around and be aware of the basic needs of the society. One should be able to step forward to contribute to the wellness of the community around them.


One should strive for excellence in everything that one takes up.