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APRIL- 2012
10th, Tuesday Faculty report for duty
1-17/30,Monday Summer holidays faculty/students 
11th-12th,Thursday Faculty orientation at TSRS, Delhi 
14th-17th, Tuesday Faculty in school training sessions by SEL
18th-21st, Saturday Faculty - Planning and Preparation
23rd, Monday Parents Orientation Program
24th, Tuesday NIWD
25th, Wednesday First Day of School
MAY -2012
1st, Tuesday May Day – ShramDaan
4th, Friday Earth Day – Tree Plantation
18th-30th, Wednesday Faculty training program
5th, Saturday BuddhPurnima – celebrations
19th, Saturday Books read – Presentations grade IV,V 
21st, Monday Investiture Ceremony – Student Council 
22nd-26th, Saturday Curriculum Road Map grades 1-V
26th, Saturday Summer Vacation begins after school 
JUNE 2012
1st/17th/30th,Saturday Summer holidays faculty/students
18th-30th,Saturday Faculty training program
JULY- 2012
2nd,Monday School reopens after Summer holidays 
7th, Saturday New Talents Day
11th, Wednesday World Population Day
18th, Wednesday International Nelson Mandela Day
26th, Thursday Women’s Day
27th, Friday Sahitya Sabha 
1st, Wednesday Festival celebrations
2nd, Thursday RakshaBandhan - Holiday
6th, Monday Hiroshima Day
9th, Thursday Festival celebrations
10th, Friday Janamashtami - Holiday
13th-18th, Saturday India Week – focus on Nationalism
15th, Wednesday Independence Day celebrations
18th, Saturday Festival celebrations
19th, Sunday Id-Ul-Fitr – Holiday
21th, Tuesday World Peace Day
27th, Monday Sahitya Sabha/World Tourism Day 
1st, Saturday Open Day Pre Primary/NIWD Primary
3rd-8th, Saturday National Nutrition Week
5th, Wednesday Teachers’ Day celebrations
8th, Saturday International Literacy Day
10th-15th, Saturday Book Week
12th, Wednesday Grandparents’ Day
14th, Friday Hindi Diwas
17th-22nd, Saturday Values Week
19th, Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations
1st, Monday Celebrations – Gandhi / Shashtri Jayanti
2nd, Tuesday Gandhi / Shashtri Jayanti- Holiday
5th, Friday Environment Day
9th, Tuesday World Post Day
13th, Saturday Founder's Day
16th, Tuesday World Food Day/Navratri begins
24th-28th, Sunday DussheraBreak
26th, Friday Bakri Id – Holiday
30th, Tuesday Reading and Creative Writing Day
9th, Friday Ban Crackers and Plastic Day” Festival celebrations
11th-14th, Wednesday Diwali Break
14th, Wednesday Children’s Day
15th, Thursday BhaiyaDooj celebrations 
24th, Saturday Muharram – Holiday
27th, Tuesday Id-Ul-Zuha – Holiday
28th, Wednesday Guru Nanak Birthday – Holiday
30th, Friday Sahitya Sabha
3rd, Monday Performing Arts Event 
6th, Thursday Uddham Singh Jayanti – Holiday
7th, Friday Social Studies Day
10th, Monday Sahitya Sabha
13th, Sunday Human Rights Day
14th, Friday NIWD Primary
15th, Saturday Open Day Primary/ NIWD Pre Primary
17th, Monday Open Day Pre Primary
20th, Thursday Annual Sports Day/ Winter vacation begins after Sports
7th, Monday NIWD
8th, Tuesday School reopens after Winter Break
13th, Sunday Lohri - Holiday
13th, Sunday Founder's Day
18th, Friday Singing Competition
25th, Friday Sahitya Sabha
26th, Saturday Republic Day celebrations
4th-9th, Saturday Field Trip/Excursions Week
15th, Friday Spell Bee Competition
15th, Friday Bhaiya Dooj celebrations
22nd, Friday Math and Science Fair
24th, Sunday Muharram - Holiday
27th, Wednesday Id-Ul-Zuha - Holiday
28th, Thursday Vasant Utsav Celebrations
9th, Saturday Star Gazing – Night Out
16th, Sunday Annual Day/Art-Craft Mela
20th, Wednesday NIWD
21st, Thursday Open Day Pre Primary Graduation - Kindergarten Last day of school – Pre Primary
22nd, Friday Open Day Primary/ NIWD Pre Primary Graduation - Grade V Year- end break begins
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